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About Financial Hacks

This book will help any Canadian approach his or her personal finances with greater wisdom, generated through better understanding of the basics of the Canadian financial and banking system. This is a step-by-step manual on how to turn banks’ services to your advantage and stop paying more than just basic fees to your bank. In this book you will find what you need to know to make smart financial decisions and how to take control over your money.

Modern world without banks and their services is simply unimaginable, but many of us are paying way too much money in services charges. Follow the simple strategies outlined in this book and you will save a lot of money, not just in service charges, but also in interest paid. Many readers all around Canada have found the advice in this book very valuable and easy to follow, and by making small changes in their affairs they saved hundreds of dollars. You can too!

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Chapter 7
Importance of a Good Credit Rating